There are many ways to get involved in improving the quality of life in the Bevo neighborhood. 

In addition to the below, contact us to volunteer to help with one of our events, to find out what kind of help is needed, or just for more information on how to be a good neighbor!

See below for more information on becoming a Block Captain, helping with Court Advocacy, assisting with Victim Support, or joining the Neighborhood Watch.

Become a Block Captain

With a goal of empowering Bevo to become a neighborhood of choice in the City of St. Louis, the Bevo Block Captains are committed to encouraging our neighbors’ involvement in the community.  The group will work collaboratively with residents, business owners, the other Neighborhood Ownership Model teams, and the Better Bevo Now board to develop and implement goals for improving the quality of life in the Bevo Neighborhood.

Help with Court Advocacy

Victims and witnesses of crime are a powerful tool in the criminal justice system. Cooperation and court appearances can support better prosecution of criminals. Residents – in partnership with the prosecutor on the case – give Impact Statements to the Court outlining the impact a particular crime and/or incident has had on the neighborhood.

Assist with Victim Support

Victim Support volunteers are trained to provide emotional support to  crime victims in the Bevo neighborhood, to help facilitate access to the assistance and services necessary to speed their recovery from the criminal act, and to support and aid them as they move through the criminal justice process.

Join the Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Volunteers are looking out for neighborhood safety concerns. They will report on blocked alleys, broken windows, abandoned vehicles, dumping, or any other situation that could be a safety or health concern for neighborhood residents.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are a number of ways that you can join Better Bevo Now in helping to make our neighborhood a better place. 

Security Cameras Database

If you have a security cameras at monitoring your home, please consider sharing your address with us.  We are assisting the police department in compiling a record of any homes with security cameras so that you can be contacted to share your footage in the event there is a crime in your neighborhood.  This is a great way you can assist the police & help keep your neighbors safe that requires almost no effort from you, but can be extremely important to the police if the need arises.  Submit the address of your security cameras by clicking here.

Report Vacant Properties

Vacant properties not only look bad as they fall into disrepair, they can often create a safety hazard or even become a gathering place for criminals and vagrants. You can help by notifying Better Bevo Now of vacant properties near you.  BBN will report these addresses to the appropriate city authorities & follow up on what actioiin is being taken.  Submit the address of a vacant property by clicking here.

Become a Sponsor or Partner with Better Bevo Now

We are so grateful to the wonderful south city businesses and organizations that have donated their time, support, space and funds to Better Bevo Now.  If your organization would like to take part in the good work that Better Bevo Now does for the community, contact us by clicking here.

Donate to Better Bevo Now

Better Bevo Now is responsible for many community initiatives and special events that bring the neighborhood together every year.  Consider making a donation to help us do these good works by clicking here.