Block Captains

What is a Block Captain?

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Block Captains

With a goal of empowering Bevo to become a neighborhood of choice in the City of St. Louis, the Bevo Block Captains are committed to encouraging our neighbors’ involvement in the community.  The group will work collaboratively with residents, business owners, the other Neighborhood Ownership Model teams, and the Better Bevo Now board to develop and implement goals for improving the quality of life in the Bevo Neighborhood.

The Block Captain plays an important role in the life of the neighborhood.  The Block Captain serves as a link between the neighborhood and its residents, and also acts as a catalyst among the residents, initiating and guiding efforts to maintain and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. 

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

The below list of characteristics gives some idea of what is asked of a Block Captain.  Not all items are applicable to every block situation – some blocks are well established while others are in dire need of organizing.  The important issues to be addressed can vary dramatically from block to block.

Most important to note is that a Block Captain is not expected to do it all alone!  In fact, the more that a Block Captain can involve other residents in the effort, the better.

The duties of the Block Captain are constantly evolving. The efforts of past & present Block Captains have helped to build our wonderful neighborhood into the vibrant community we live in.  We greatly appreciate all the efforts of all our Block Captains!

A Block Captain is a Good Citizen & Neighbor

  • First & foremost, a Block Captin is a model of neighborliness for the block.
  • The Block Captain demonstrates respect for neighbors
  • The Block Captain is involved in neighborhood activities
  • The Block Captain is (or becomes) familiar with city ordinances & rules and abides by them
  • The Block Captain exhibits respect & maturity on neighborhood related social media
  • The Block Captain is trustworthy & avoids spreading rumors and confidential information

A Block Captain is a Communicator

  • The Block Captain establishes & maintains lines of communication with the residents of the block. This may be accomplished by flyers, emails, phone calls, personal visits, periodic meetings, etc.
  • The Block Captain keeps abreast of developments in the neighborhood & communicates them ot the residents of the block. This may include neighborhood meetins & events, or important safety information.
  • The Block Captain listens to the concerns of the residents of the block & carries them back to appropriate agencies – neighborhood association, alderman, police, etc.
  • The Block Captain may organize block residents to address specific concerns.
  • The Block Captain welcomes new residents to the block.

A Block Captain is an Organizer

  • The Block Captain is not expected to do everything themselves, but is encouraged to organize & involve residents of the block. This can be done by forming committees for ongoing concerns or small ad hoc teams for specific projects – whatever works best for a particular block.
  • It is recommended that the Block Captin hold at least one meeting a year for residents of the block to discuss concerns & ideas, and make sure that the residents of the block have a chance to get to know each other.

What Would You Really Be Committing To?

  • Meet the people on our block & welcome new neighbors 0 maybe a welcome basket with information on the neighborhood & the website.
  • Initiate & organize block activities (National Night Out, Operation Brightside, Block Sales, Block Parties, etc).
  • Distribute important information
  • Communicate with other Block Captains and the Team Leader
  • Attend Block Captain meetings
  • Motivate our neighbors.
  • Develop a (voluntary) contact list for our block with info on how our neighbors prefer to be contacted.
  • Suggest improvements on our block.
  • Develop outreach to neighbors who may have an impediment to communication (English as a second language, hearing or sight impairments, etc).

Contact Us to Become a Block Captain

We would love to talk to you about becoming a Block Captain!  Contact Better Bevo Now at to get more information.

Download Block Captain Guides Here