2019 Board Meeting Minutes

2018 December BBN Board Meeting Minutes

Better Bevo Now Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

December 12, 2018, 6:30 pm

St. John the Baptist


In attendance: Kay Miller, Mary Hackett, Kenya Webster, Charlene Panek, Donna Stueve, Nick Dunne, Alicia Hernandez, Gwen Murry, David Tallent, Father Carl, Christy Boyd, Ian McVey


Called to order – 6:34 pm


  1. Approval of minutes
  2. October and November

Gwen motioned to approve minutes with edits. Nick seconded. All in favor

(edits: d. 1 in October – add e to Christine and Kerry. Frieda *block captains 11/7/18 in the afternoon)


  1. Reports of Officers and Committees
  2. Chairman


The next CID Happy Hour is the 27th at Salina’s II.


Bevo Mill has received a $500,000 East West Gateway Great Streets grant which will be used to plan short- and long-term urban improvements and development. The Bevo Great Streets project is an implementation-focused planning effort to better position Gravois Avenue as an economic and community development engine for the Bevo Mill neighborhood.  The project is sponsored by East West Gateway, the Bevo Mill Community Improvement District, and Aldermen in Wards 13, 14, 15 and 25. The planning process hinges on extensive community engagement including several community workshops and design meetings.  A Farr Associates, a Chicago architecture firm with extensive neighborhood planning experience, will serve as project consultants and leaders. The work of Farr Associates will be guided by a Steering Committee made up of neighborhood leaders and relevant city and state officials. There will be 5 public meetings, the first of which will occur on January 12, 2019, from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Location TBD. The January community gathering will be the public launch and introduction of the project to the neighborhood. The February public meeting will include representatives from EcoDistricts (www.ecodistricts.org). In March, the team will host a 4-day design and planning meeting which will include public interaction and the unveiling of three possible tactical events. Tactical events are short-term place-making activities designed to generate enthusiasm for long-term urban improvements. The specific tactical chosen for implementation in Bevo Mill will be unveiled in April, and implemented at a grand finale party in June. The project officials ends at midnight on June 30, 2019.


Gwen would like to discuss creating committees for 2019, e.g., marketing, membership, fundraising, finance, social at the January board meeting


BBN received over $400 in donations via the Facebook/PayPal Giving Tuesday campaign. It is anticipated that those funds will be doubled by Facebook and PayPal. BBN should receive those funds in early 2019. Gwen and Kristin are completing the necessary paperwork.


Gwen would like to create budgets for BBN’s 2019 events and programs.


  1. Vice Chair

Suggested a sub-committee to assist in creating and updating the position descriptions. Mary will be on the committee and asked board to review the descriptions before the next meeting. Charlene volunteered to help Mary. The committee needs one more member.


  1. Treasurer

Total current asset is $4,042.74 Amount in checking is $3,588.59

  1. Real Property Assets – tabled
  2. Tablet – tabled

iii. Minimum bank balance/Savings account – tabled

  1. NOM
  2. Block Captains

Held first Block Blitz on Schiller Place on 11/17/18. About 8 folks worked together to canvass one side of the street and pick up trash. Schiller Place residents were receptive, and the team recruited 2 new block captains. The next blitz will be held in spring 2019 in the 14th ward.


  1. Court Advocacy – No report


iii. Victim Support

Not many referrals lately but there were a couple in November. There have been two recently but Kay is waiting on the phone numbers for reach out.


iiii. Neighborhood Watch

Sending a letter to a property having issues.


  1. Community Members – No reports
  2. Social Committee
  3. That’s a Wrap!

First day of That’s a Wrap! kicked off last week. This weekend should have a higher turnout with Santa being at Das Bevo.


  1. Youth and Family
  2. Report from Kenya regarding Tools for Building Healthier Youthworkshop

The session included brainstorming ideas how to work with youth and how the community can get involved. Kenya would like to have a stronger partnership with the schools to host community events.


  1. Winter location for Family Playdates

The first winter Family Playdate will be held January 19, 2019, at at City Seniors (4705 Ridgewood, 63116) from 2-4 pm. Nick will help prepare a flyer. Last playdate was a huge success and recruited a couple of volunteers.


In 2019, Kenya plans to host a family resource fair, two outdoor movies (April 12 a possibility), a Family Playdate every other month (January, March, May, July, September, and November), a neighborhood yard sale, and a 3/5k race. Kenya is looking for volunteers for the Youth and Family Committee.


  1. Old Business
  2. T-shirts

Shirts will be available at the Christmas party. 100 shirts with different styles came to a total of $664.18, with the screen charge waived. Shirts will sell for $15. Nick motioned to pay invoice, Donna seconded, all in favor. Gwen will arrange payment.


  1. December holiday party

Gwen sent an email to all the business owners and BBN community partners inviting them to the holiday party on December 20th. Only business item to be addressed is the January elections. The nominating committee will have sample ballots available for attendees. Gwen is preparing a presentation of 2018 photos and BBN accomplishments


  1. Nomination committee
  2. Directors whose terms expire in 2019:

Chair (Gwen)

Secretary (Alicia)

Neighborhood Watch

Court Advocacy (Kristin)

3 Community Directors (Charlene, Donna, Kenya)

  1. Ballots
  2. Unbiased tally – the committee will arrange for two individuals to tally votes at the January membership meeting
  3. Butterfly garden

BBN is interested in leasing or buying the property at Eichelberger and Cologne which houses the butterfly garden. Gwen has confirmed that BBN insurance for this will cost $32 per acre, and is discussing options with LRA.

  1. New Business
  2. The Little Free Library in Sebilj Park is operational and will be announced soon.
  3. The 23rdAnnual SLACO Regional Conference will be held Saturday, February 2, 2019. In 2018, 4 BBN representatives attendedand found he conference beneficial. Donna motioned to send 3 representatives in 2019, with BBN paying the $40 attendance fee. Charlene seconded, all in favor. Gwen asked the board to consider SLACO membership in 2019..
  4. Bevo Great Streets – discussed previously
  5. January: Representatives of Metro will attend to discuss changes made to the Bevo Mill bus lines. The No. 8 line will be eliminated and the No. 10 will become more frequent, running every 15 minutes.)
  6. February: 14thWard Debate/Forum – the board agreed to host a 14th Ward Aldermanic debate/forum. Gwen will invite both candidates.
  7. March: Lewis Reed or Bevo Great Streets?

Lewis Reed has asked for time to present legislative updates at the March membership meeting. Farr Associates would also like to present the Bevo Great Streets project. Tabled for further discussion and decision in January 2019.

  1. 2019 Directory

Gwen asked the board to think of anything missed last year that should be in the next directory. Mary asked that all board be listed in the directory letter. The board approved entering into the STL Programs contract for this project. Gwen will sign and return the contract.

Christy Boyd presented the BBN table cloth to be used at events. It looks great!! Thank you to Donna, David, and Charlene for donating money for the table cloth.

Meeting adjourned: 7:39