2019 Board Meeting Minutes

2019 February BBN Board Meeting Mins

Better Bevo Now Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2019

6:30 pm, St John’s Catholic Rectory


Board Members Present: Gwen Murray, Nick Dunne, Judy Ryan, Charlene Beck Panek, Kristin Hoffman, Kenya Webster, Kay Miller, Mary Hackett, John Silwanus

Not Present: David Tallent

Members in Attendance: 1

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm

Gwen Murray opened the meeting with her report. The Chair’s first item for the Executive Board is to consider why the Board Members are serving the Bevo neighborhood. The Chair also asked the Board to consider what the BBN does well and where it can improve. The Chair advised the Secretary of duties for future meetings, to include sending the meeting minutes to Board members in advance of the meeting for review and approval. The Chair turned to fundraising in 2019. BBN will consider several options in raising funds for the community. The CID Happy Hour will be at Shot Heaven Thursday Feb 28 from 5p-8p.

The Vice Chair, Mary Hackett, provided the agenda for the membership meeting Feb 21. The Board approved the agenda.

Treasurer Kristin Hoffmann presented the 2019 draft budget. Kristin provided a conservative estimate for income and calculated generous totals for the spending accounts. Nick Dunne made a request to purchase more yard signs for events. The Board tabled the request to the March meeting. Kristin then moved to approve the budget, Nick seconded the motion. The board unanimously approved the budget. Gwen addressed the donation received from the former Chippewa neighborhood association, the money was designated for a police substation. The substation is not likely to happen so Gwen is discussing with the donors alternative uses for their donation. Kristin made a motion to boost the Facebook events that BBN is posting creating for the Bevo Great Streets project at $10 per, this will ensure broader advertising of these important community meetings. John Silwanus seconded the motion. After discussion the motion was approved, with one member abstaining from the vote.

Nick Dunne, Block Captain Leader, presented his report. 15 people attended the first block captain meeting. The goal for the next meeting will be to increase attendance and Nick plans to make the meeting a time for block captains to share successes and struggles for better cohesion. The first block party of the year will be April 14 from 1-3p on Kristin’s block. She is looking to add two other blocks to the party. The next Block Blitz is scheduled for March 30 and will be around Delor and Ridgewood.

Court Advocacy Report Kristin Hoffmann said there was no new information on the Ellenwood incident from February. She will talk to Officer Steve Wilson to get more information. She has submitted the impact statement for the Loren Copp case.

Kay Miller stated there was no report for Victim Support.

The Community Members Report – Kenya Webster provided the report for the Youth and Family committee. The Youth and Family committee members will meet to discuss the next events. The next family play date will be March 16 @ City Seniors. The Family Fun Run is on hold and looking for sponsors. The committee will be planning a movie night. Kenya asked for help in the search for a popcorn machine for the movie night. There will be a fall yard sale for the Bevo neighborhood.

The Social Committee will soon be setting up online payments and registration for the Bevo Bazaar-O flea market which will be held on May 18, 2019. The Board discussed whether to set up the BBN boutique. No action taken. Nick Dunne will help edit Bevo Bazarr-O images for a blip billboard. The advertisement will help draw traffic to the Bazarr-O.

Under Old Business – Gwen shared that the Butterfly garden insurance will cost $35 for the year, and that she is pursuing an official garden lease with the City.

New Business – The CID is planning a Bevo Day celebration which will be held on October 12, 2019. Gwen proposed the Board enter into a contract with SLU Law School for the review of Bevo vacant and nuisance properties for the purpose of problem property abatement and the possible acquisition of an anchor house for BBN. Charlene Banek Peck moved to approve the contract, Judy Ryan seconded. The motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.