From the Desk of the Chair

From the Desk of the Chair: Happy Kids!

The 2018 Bevo Community Donation Drive was another resounding success, thanks to the generosity of some very fine Bevonians! You should all be proud.

This year, we collected 8 bottles of hand sanitizer, 6 boxes of Kleenex, 10 pads of ruled newsprint, 49 spiral notebooks, 9 folders, 14 paint brushes, 15 packs of ruled paper (2,460 total sheets!), 1 pack of index cards, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 pen/pencil set, 1 roll of scotch tape, 1 39-count essentials pack (markers, pens), 156 colored pencils, 7 bottles of glue, 88 glue sticks, 4 dry erase markers, 124 markers, 21 pencil boxes, 10 book covers, 80 red pens, 15 erasers, 40 pencil top erasers, one 110-count tub of erasers and pencil grips, 32 composition books, 34 highlighters,
60 boxes of crayons (1,707 total crayons!), 14 rulers, 1 protractor, 850 post-it notes, 5 pairs of scissors, 673 pencils, and 136 pens.

These cool cats are ready to learn!

We collected enough supplies to provide two large boxes each to Oak Hill Elementary School, Long International Middle School, Buder Elementary School, and St. Francis Community Services – Southside. A lot of kids will have an easier school year due to your kindness.

Buder Kindergarten school supply free-for-all! Squeee!

Here, Martha Brennan presents donations to Dr. Tina Hamilton, Principal of Oak Hill Elementary School.

Dr. Hamilton sent a note this week… “On behalf of the students and teachers at Oak Hill Elementary, we want to thank the Bevo Mill Community Group for putting together a school supply drive for our school.  Our students are very appreciative and the supplies came right on time.  Thanks so much!!!”

A little bird us that the kids served at St. Francis Community Services, Southside were in need of backpacks this year. You all stepped right up, and we were able to provide 15 backpacks! SFCSS sends a gushing thank you.

Thank you again to the Bevo businesses that served as collection points…

… and to Martha and Jim Brennan for organizing collections at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and helping deliver…

… and to the St. John’s parishioners who were extraordinarily generous…

… and to Johnny’s Food Mart Manager, Nick, who, on learning about the drive, immediately made a sizable monetary donation and agreed to serve as a collection point.

BBN Board Member Kenya Webster presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Nick, for his dedication to our community.

I am always delighted, but never surprised, by the generosity and kindness of this community. Keep on rocking, Bevo.

Gwen Murray